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A Primary Care Practice that Focuses on Older Adults, Primarily Women over 50 in the greater King, Pierce, and Thurston County communities.



Dr. Mary Gumbo

Who We Are

Integrated Health & Wellness was founded by Dr. Mary Gumbo; a Board Certified Adult-Geriatric Nurse Practitioner from Seattle, WA.  She started this practice in order to assist residents in Washington State, a place she has called home for the last 27 years.


The Practice focuses on serving the young and  older generation, 18 - 65+ years, where the clinic, primarily see women over the age of 50. And all other ages, both genders are seen virtually, house calls -in their private homes, assisted living spaces, etc. Providers here, spend quality time with their patients, and address their health concerns without a rush. We Listen! We Care!!

The difference between us and other Primary Care Providers is we listen and spend time with our clients. Many times when you go see your provider, they have a certain time they can spend with you and the care is not personalized. You are in and out, sometimes not even sure if your concern was addressed in its entirety. 

What We Do

Integrated Health & Wellness seeks to combine the critical thinking & knowledge from nursing to inspire hope, and contribute to the well-being of people, by providing the best evidence-based Primary Care to all our patients.

The practice offers a personalized disease prevention approach for women ages 50 and above, and also offers management of their health and wellness through Office Visits, House Calls, and even Telemedicine if needed.


Our Services



Available to see all adult- geriatric patients on telemedicine calls. Ages 18- 65+ years old (both genders).

You are able to address your health concerns without waiting for a clinic visit.

Enjoy easy access to your provider at the comfort of your home.

Primary Care

Clinic visits are mainly for women 50 or older

Hormonal imbalances

Menopausal problems


Thyroid conditions

Diabetes, types 1&2; Diabetes management – CGM (continuous glucose monitoring).

Breast Cancer – Risk assessment & management education, etc.

Comprehensive physical assessments (lab orders, imaging, evaluation of episodic and chronic illnesses).  

House Calls

Available to see all adult- geriatric patients on house calls. Ages 18- 65+ years old (both genders).

Home visits done for all chronic cases, on a case-by-case basis as needed.

Provider would visit and spend ample time to listen and provide care at the comfort of your home.

Community Work | Rainier Senior Center

"A great time spent with the seniors at the Rainer Senior Center. Discussed health risks in aging, and preventative approaches in management!

A day well spent."

- Dr. Mary Gumbo

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Get Started 

If you need a Primary Care Provider, we can help you. Just book an appointment and we can assist you through:

Office Visits: Tue & Thur 9am-5pm 

Telemedicine: Mon - Fri 9am-5pm

House Calls: Mon, Wed, Fri  9am-5pm 

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